BIS – 4399

Project Subject:



Student Not any: IUM 11012531

Supervisor: Miss. Sasha Mutasa



1 . 1Motivation

My friends and I use to do our video rental by DVD King video shop based in CBD of Windhoek. One day I recently came across that they take note of the identity and the telephone numbers of each client and also which in turn movies happen to be being rented out, and again buyers taking time in the cabinets searching for the desired movies to rent. This kind of incident received me considering as to how could i make a video rental system, make it very easy to work with, and put into action it in any program if possible, so I came to conclusion to make a web-based interface system that would be system independent.

1 ) 2Definition

The project can be aimed at developing an online (web-based) computerized system that would aid activities in the video retailers and joining together individuals to rent movies by their easy place and convenient time (office or perhaps Home). It should take an advantage of the internet and World Wide Web to radically improve the video rental business method.

1 . 3Problem Statement

The complex nature of the existing rental process can be caused by a number of factors: a. Almost all of the operations are executed manually (a new buyer have to fill out an application form just before a clerk enters the data into the system) this results in a lot mistakes being made. m. The manual movement and distribution of paper-based transactions resulted in substantive delays in the process and significantly limited the company's ability to prioritize and improve performance. c. Procedures requiring specific coordination between groups in different departments have a tendency out to be very challenging. d. There is not any centralized repository, hence difference in data simply by one department may not indicate in another section. e. Consumer transactions (i. e. requests for assertions, incorrect information, address alterations, etc . ) were regularly lost as a result of mobility info from one office to the different. f. Monitoring and assessing the leasing process by management to determine areas that require improvement is practically impossible.

1 . 4Objectives

Simply by implementing this method, the video retail outlet will gain competitive advantage over other video shops and higher overall output in terms of organization process. The proposed online video rental program aims to achieving the following: a. Developing a fresh system better than the current program. b. Have the ability to build-up a genial environment to customers. c. Enlarge the marketing of video rental to near-by towns. g. To create a video rental retail outlet whose goal is exceed customer's targets. The primary goal of this project is to talk about the common complications which online video rental program experience. The objectives incorporate: • Ensuring that the rental system is inside the real time overall performance. • Boost the number of consumers by the end in the year.

1 . 5Justification

The full system is compliant with W3C for HTML and as well while CSS. The standard site style will have a really clean interface and will not likely have too many things displayed at once (which will causes it to be look more relaxed but not so busy), also the interface contains tab features to have all of the options ahead of the end –user to make a easy experience when using the software. The client and different activities info will be stored securely, each person who can be entitled to gain access to information on the device will make use of password making sure the security of data. There will be not any or incredibly slim odds of records going missing or being misplaced. Access to information will also be quicker eliminating the...

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