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Ms. Binder


13 October 2013

Eenei Meeni Miney Moe, Pick a Blogger, There You Go!

A 18 year old girl sat crisscross on her polka dotted pickup bed, bored and alone. Her laptop well balanced gracefully on her behalf jean covered legs, showing an empty Ie tab mocking her. Her mind came to a conversation at lunch time, a warmed discussion about who had the most followers over a blue coloured site referred to as Tumblr. Your woman wondered to herself what was like in Tumblr and hardly observed as her long red covered fingernails slid around her key pad, leading her to the very best place on Earth. New members of Tumblr encounter a problem when creating all their first weblog, what kind of Tumblr consumer will that they choose from.

The Committed Fangirls will be the most faithful of all the Tumblr users. They are considered the best group of writers because they stalk the site at night with blank expressions, witty comebacks and admiration for each additional. They take extreme care in selecting all facets of their websites, from the colors of the part bar to the important name of their blog. " Exclamation mark or any exclamation indicate? ” will be a major question the Dedicated Fangirls ask themselves during the construction of your blog. No matter what fandom they belong to The Dedicated Fangirls are always up to date on the current events, challenges, and fads of their certain fandom. Maintaining to date could be a long and perilous task, consequently for fun The Dedicated Fangirls spend their nights writing and writing fan written stories known as fanfiction. Fanfiction always keeps in the realm of what they blog about. Fanfiction is also a key way The Dedicated Fangirls find fresh blogs to follow and fresh friends for blogging with. Think about The Devoted Fangirl blog page style, be loyal to a fandom, available to new ideas, and willing to generate new close friends.

The Random Hipsters are the least organized of all Tumblr users. She consumes hours flicking long, groomed fingernails around her bedazzled Ipods and Iphones,...