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Bridgette Ricco

Mrs. Johnson

British 9 Period 3

28 March 2013

Bravery and Courage

Through mysterious journeys and horrific events there is bravery and courage proven in To Destroy a Mockingbird. The new, published in 1960, is very well written. Mcdougal, Harper Lee, used several of her activities as a child. This guide displays many actions of bravery and courage. Character types in this new that display bravery and courage happen to be Atticus, Mrs. Dubose, and Boo Radley. True braveness and courage is hard to find in people. Atticus displays accurate bravery and courage in the book, To Eliminate a Mockingbird. Atticus did not fight Joe Ewell though he spat on him, threatened his life, and said tough things. Look stated, " Miss Stephanie said Atticus didn't baseball bat an eye, just required out his handkerchief and wiped his face and stood there and let Mr. Ewell phone him labels wild horse could not take her to repeat” (Lee 291). Atticus took in all the bad words Mister. Ewell was saying and did not claim a bluff thing back again. He would go for Bob Ewell be indicate and bluff to him than to take his anger out on his own kids. Atticus cured Mrs. Dubose with esteem even though the girl said indicate statements to him. Because Atticus was talking to Jem he said, " She is an old lady and she's ill. You simply hold your mind high and become a gentleman. Whatever she says to you, it can your job not to let her make you mad” (Lee133). Atticus taught his children great morals which usually lead him to getting strong keeping his head held high and disregarding other people's responses. Atticus as well took Mary Robinsons circumstance without hesitating or stressing. He defended him along with he could while his kids ended uphad been harassed with comments about the man. Mrs. Dubose stated, " Your fathers no a lot better than the niggers and rubbish he works for! ” (Lee 135). Atticus would not have to take this situatio, but if this individual did not take it, he'd not be brave or perhaps courageous. Having been brave to trust in his children, and brave to take on a...

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