Hypotheses of Child Advancement

 Theories of Child Development Dissertation

2 . 3 The Theories of development

There are many theories of child development and one has affected practice in schools. Skinner's theory of ‘Operant Conditioning' suggests that actions which is reinforced tends to be repeated. In educational institutions we reinforce good behavior by fulfilling it (house points, is worth, Headteacher awards etc) and we " punish” poor actions to decrease it (warnings, sitting out, missing Fantastic Time etc). Piaget's theory of ‘Cognitive Development' provides helped shape the breakthrough we anticipate children to achieve at selected stages inside their development. Bandura's theory of ‘Social Learning' requires adults in school to model the sort of behaviour we would like children to learn and imitate and in return, we all reward kids to inspire them duplicating these very good behaviours, such as listening to other folks, respecting other's opinions, becoming polite and saying thanks. Maslow's ‘Hierarchy of Needs' has had a strong impact on practice in educational institutions. Abraham L. Maslow (a humanistic psychologist) put together a hierarchy of needs (see below) and he applied this to exhibit that people were not going to always be motivated by simply any of the higher-level needs (or growth needs) until the requirements on the reduce levels (physiological needs) from the pyramid was addressed and satisfied.

In basic terms relating to children's learning, in the event that children are hungry, thirsty, chilly, exhausted, scared or sense left out or alone, chances are they will not be in a position to concentrate and access learning. Staff in schools need to ensure that simple needs happen to be met therefore we can support all children to reach all their full potential. The physical needs at the bottom of the pyramid become main when they are not really met. These include the need for foodstuff, water, shield, warmth and sleep and they are basic lifestyle needs. Our school catches the interest of these needs by: supplying a Breakfast Club; making sure all kids bring a bottle of water to varsity every day; providing snacks at the begining of Years and KS1; permitting the youngest...

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