the salem witch trials

 the salem witch trials Essay

Noelle Clark

Miss Wisley

The english language 11/Period one particular

April 24, 2014


There are a lot of various things I have discovered regarding the Salem Witch Trial while researching it. I learned about a lot of specific and comprehensive deaths. The Salem Witch Trial started in 1692. The best way to illustrate what the Salem Witch Trial was, should be to simply just declare it was when people were offender of being a witch intended for the strangest reasons. The following events about the Salem Witch Trial take place by February 1692 to May 1693.

In mid-February there were a whole lot of not naturally made behaviors by women. Nobody could decide any physical cause for the symptoms and dreadful habit. Physicians figured the girls had been under the influence of Satan. Then in late February prayer services were conducted hoping of alleviating the bad forces.

March 12 Martha Corey is of witchcraft and on Mar 19 Rebecca Nurse's sis was denounced as a witch. Later, in April a few, Sarah Cloyce and Rebecca Nurse's sis were both equally accused of witchcraft. 06 10 was your first recognized execution from the Salem Witch Trials, if they hung Bridget Bishop. In that case on This summer 19 Rebecca Nurse, Susannah Martin, At the Howe and Sarah Great were almost all executed. 8 weeks later on September 19, Giles Corey was pressed to death for refusing a trial. Just two days later on Dorcas Hoar was the initially those asking innocent to confess. Her execution was then postponed. Then on October almost 8 after 20 or so people have been executed, Jones Brattle published a notice criticizing the witchcraft studies.

By the end from the Salem Witch Trial there was more than two hundred people who were accused of practicing witchcraft. Twenty of people people were executed.

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