Marcos A. Gonzalez

Doctor Rawa

World Literature 2110

dua puluh enam September 2010

The Parallels of Greek Religion

A large number of can acknowledge that the Historic Greeks had been polytheistic believers and their faith based world view, morals, traditions and ancestors and family history pervaded their cities and communities. Though other civilizations lived or perhaps traveled through ancient Portugal, people would not worship neither pray everyday or once weekly to their gods. There were zero synagogues, churches or mosques. Personal, privately-held belief did not mater, community ritual and festivals pertaining to the gods did. Various people dished up and paid out homage for the gods, idols, temples and monuments in hopes that the gods would be pleased and that all their society might prosper and stay protected. Nevertheless where did the idea of a lot of gods result from? In an content entitled " Greek Mythology and The Bible” (, the author notes that there is " strong evidence of Hebrew, Canaanite, Assyrian, and Babylonian, stories found in Greek mythology. ” Is it possible that mix cultural practices and morals were entwined and multiethnic and ethnocentric beliefs were born? With the many channels of different Semitic culture it seems like very likely. As a Christian, I remember which the Israelite themselves were also inspired by the foreign nations in the books of Genesis, Exodus, Amounts, Deuteronomy, Ezra, and Ezekiel. To the Greeks, the Bible maybe put by the articles of Homer, particularly, The Iliad, but for Homer this kind of heavily blended synthesis of beliefs might therefore have been completely brought to Greece by the Hebrews themselves. At least, the good evidence of Hebrew colonization and culture in ancient Portugal should not be dismiss In Greek mythology, Achilles is the Greek hero of the Trojan Battle. He is thought of as being an invulnerable warrior apart from one particular physique part that exposes his weakness. He was the central character plus the greatest...

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