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Why do Muslims hate Jews and Christians?

-" In Islam's common tradition, it can be believed that killing 1 Jew is usually equal to the killing of fifty non-Jewish unbelievers” (Mirza) -

" Almost all Muslims (good or bad) do believe Jews would be the worst opponent of Muslims and they are advised to take warnings when working with Jews. ” (Mirza) •( Story regarding Daniel Pearl)

- Every Muslim child is taught about the danger from Jews globally around the Muslims world. -A Muslim by no means denies that Muslims universally fear and hate Jews most, period. -" This special hatred for Jews is grounded in the Islamic theology and history. ”(Mirza) -" The Muslim hate of Jews pre-dates the presence of the modern point out of His home country of israel by some 1400 years and is based upon verses inside the Qur'an and in the hadiths. ” (Mirza) (Hadiths- An amount of traditions containing sayings from the prophet Muhammad. ) •Muslim children are brainwashed to believe that Jews are definitely the number one worst enemy with Christians, polytheists, and Hindus coming up next. -The basis in back of this hate is that everybody must accept the religious beliefs of Islam, because they believe that it is the only true religion on earth. -When Muhammad was still being weak, with around 75 to 90 followers, he used His home country of israel as his geographical way to use when he was praying. He then proceeded to magnificent the Jews by re-framing the biblical verses to flatter them. Muhammad after that changed to Great place because the Jews did not respond to his faith based ideas. This individual became furious with all of them. -While Muhammad was critical weak, this individual came out with nice verses like here for example: Surah 2 . sixty two Surely those people who are Jews, Christian believers, and Sabians, whoever believes in Allah as well as the last time and does great, they shall have their incentive from their God, and there is not any fear on their behalf, nor shall they grieve. -But, when Muhammad started to be stronger, started to make statements of conflict, deliberately contradicting the earlier poems. -Islam's supremacy began inside the...

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