The objective of this kind of research newspaper is to know very well what is the influence of K-12 in Filipino Education. This study should answer these kinds of following inquiries; (1) what are the advantages and drawbacks of the K-12 program or the additional a couple of years to Fundamental Education? (2) Will the father and mother agree or disagree to the K- doze program?

This research would be able to help the parents of the pupils who are influenced by the K-12 program, this will give them an idea of what is going to be the advantages and disadvantages from the program, of course, if it will help youngsters grow from the academic characteristics. The students is going to benefit from the examine by allowing them to know how they are going to be able to be familiar with addition of 2 years using their schooling. Students will know how it will offer a better quality of education to them. This study will certainly benefit the teachers through the school, so they can be prepared for the additional two years to the basic education. It is important to enable them to know the pros and cons of the software, because they will be the one featuring the knowledge for the children. This kind of research will also benefit the school, so they are going to anticipate the additional cost for the program, as well the additional educators and exactly what they should be looking forward to for.

This kind of paper attempted to determine the advantages and disadvantages plus the perspective with the parents with regards to K12 system. This research design found in this examine is the detailed research technique wherein data from papers were used to answer the investigation question posed. Education in the Philippines offers and always recently been a treasure for all Filipinos who wish to increase life somewhat especially those of the middle and low salary group. But with the advent of the K+12 Basic plan of the Department of Education where formal education starts from Pre-school, six years in elementary, three years jr . high school and two years high school graduation. Counting the number of years that parents will spend on spending for their children's education means even more work, more efforts to exert, even more waiting years before they will finally observe their children graduate from basic education. Parents consider the much longer period prior to they can witness their children generate their living, a common think of a typical Philippine parent. Nevertheless , if the program will be totally materialized, Philippine graduates of basic education become remarkably comparable and competent as with their additional Asian and global counterparts. Parents may well shell even more for institution needs nevertheless they just have to feel that their children can already sign up for other countries, if they wish to, because of the competitive basic education curriculum. This could be the thinking of a rational parent, a must for any progressive nation like in the Philippines


The Filipino education program pursues the achievement of fantastic undergraduates in the elementary and secondary level. The Section of Education pronounces the addition of two more years in the basic education of pupils, which in accordance to them will advantage not only the Filipino youngsters but all the Filipino in the Philippines. The administration claims that with all the implementation of such software, the problem of unemployment near your vicinity will be solved. In just as much as employment inside the Philippines is concerned, the K12 education likewise responds to the fact that most countries in the world currently have the same prepare in their educational institutions. With this, the standards of the countries move a notch higher than the particular country provides, thus, creating an development in the global competency. " We need to put two years to our basic education. Those who can pay for pay up to fourteen years of schooling before university. Thus, their children are receiving into the finest universities and the best jobs after graduation. I want in least more than a decade for our public school children to...

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