The Covets

There are numerous things in the universe which can be still however to be learned. Are there other styles of your life out there anywhere? Are there various other planets that people do not know about this can support life? There is a species of aliens that no one knows about. They are referred to as the Covets. Although most aliens are thought of very little green Martian men, the Covets are extremely intelligent animals who do not partake in much entertainment and therefore are just strange.

The Covet aliens possess a biology all their own. Male Covets are bloodstream red; if the human would have been to see these people, it would appear like they were bleeding from just about every orifice on their body. Females are a incredibly bright lemon that appears almost crimson. Both males and females include large, green eyes. To go with their huge eyes, they likewise have very large heads. Covets don't have any hair, hair, feathers, or wings. They can regulate their very own body temperature almost all on their own. Covets have fingertips and toes that are similar to humans'; they have five fingers on each of your hand and five feet on each feet. To inhale, Covets have got gills prove necks. They have noses, however it serves simply no purpose other than for smelling things. In order to communicate with the other person, the Covets have their own language referred to as Covetian. If they speak it sounds very much like a dolphin. There are numerous clicks and squeaks involved when speaking.

Culture is very important for the Covets. This kind of species features very strange mating traditions (Matsuo 134). In matching, male Covets have significant antennas protruding from their minds to attract females. The bigger the antenna is definitely, the more likely a lady will be interested in it. The Covets mate through the guys rubbing all their antennas within the females' minds. If a woman is impregnated, she will right away start to present within a number of days. The gestation period for a baby Covet is three years. The Covets practice marriage. Men Covets are allowed to have several wives as they please, but females are just allowed to...