Symbolism in Work 2 of Romeo and Juliet

 Symbolism in Act two of Romeo and Juliet Essay

There are plenty of instances of significance in Romeo and Juliet. One good sort of symbolism in Act 2 is Friar Lawrence's comment about toxin (2. 2 . 15-31). He admits that that all plants, herbs, and stones get their own attributes. He moves on by saying that there is nothing at all on Earth that cannot be i did so both good and bad things. Consequently , according to Friar Lawrence, poison is not intended to be used just for evil uses. It is just a organic thing within this Earth which is used for nasty purposes once in the hands of human beings. One such nasty purpose is always to kill somebody. Poison is a symbol of how society tends to have something that is beneficial and use it in a manner that is hazardous or lethal. This symbol is actually shown in the perform. The argument between the Montague's and the Capulet's itself is an example of this kind of. The hate between the two families turns the love among Romeo and Juliet in something that is definitely deadly. Later on in the tale the dangerous part is observed. There is not a real character with bad intentions in Romeo and Juliet. The environment in which the people in Verona live turns their very own good qualities into toxin.

Another occasion of meaning in Romeo and Juliet is if the love between Romeo and Juliet can be used as a mark of religion. The moment Romeo says " Call be nevertheless love and I'll be fresh baptized” (2. 2 . 54), he is saying Juliet's like will make him born again. When Juliet says that Romeo is the god of her idolatry (2. installment payments on your 120), she's saying that the girl worships Romeo as if having been God. These statements give you an idea that both Romeo and Juliet view their love being a kind of " religious experience”. Apparently, Romeo views the love as a " purification” of himself and Juliet thinks of it as a " worship” of Romeo.

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