Spain in 1150

Spain in 1150 03.09.2019
 Spain in 1150 Essay

1150 – In Spain, conventional paper is first mass-produced

• Muslim conquest of Spain brought paper making to Europe

• Both Italy and Italia claim to end up being the first to make paper in Europe

• One of the first conventional paper mills in Europe was at Xativa, The country

• The first cable mold in making paper is identified in Spain dating to 1150.

• 1276 decrease of production in Spain

|1150 |First papermill founded in Spain at Xativa. El-Edrisi said in the Spanish associated with Xátiva: " Paper is usually there| | |manufactured, including cannot be identified anywhere else inside the civilized community, and is delivered to the East and to | | |the West. " Early conventional paper was at first disfavored by the Christian world as a manifestation of Moslem culture, | | |and a 1221 decree by Holy Both roman Emperor Frederick II announced all official documents written on paper to be| | |invalid. (The interests of wealthy European landowners in sheep and cattle to get parchment and vellum could also | | |have exerted some affect. ) Just with the surge of the stamping press in the mid 1400's change Western european | | |attitudes toward paper.

• By third hundred years, the produce and use of paper was widespread in China and had spread to Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. In 751, some China paper producers were captured by Middle easterns, and the 1st Arab conventional paper was created in Samarkand. Production of newspaper spread to Spain in 1150, and soon out of place the use of covers and parchment as composing materials in Europe. The development of paper was a catalyst that brought about the rapid distributed of literacy...

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