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2) All three content articles promote the idea of using social media to build as well as relationships with all the public. In the state of emergency all three highlight the significance of networking communities because that they allow for fast communication among lost members of the family, volunteers and emergency providers. Article 1 concludes that companies which can be active on social networking need to stick to 3 strategies: disclosure or openness, information dissemination and interactivity and involvement (Men & Tsai 2011). Equally Article one particular and several both underline poor usage of social media's potential and recommended on the web interaction through two-way interaction, which includes responding or recognizing user posts and responses, and posting content pertaining to entertainment functions rather than just promotion. Article 2 exhibits how businesses can better use social networking platforms to interact and create relationships with the publics. The studies in every three articles reveal that overall the Chinese degree of engagement with corporate social network sites was scored at the method level mainly because users in Renren (Chinese social media site) viewed social media as a system to ask questions not just view marketing and promo material. 3) The common idea found in the research surrounding ‘social media' can be its speedy transformation in the last ten years and just how its use can go past its unique intention. Facebook . com, was referred to at the time being a college variation of Friendster (Dr. Curtis 2013). Facebook and Twitter have developed new features to firms to stay relevant in the fresh digital age. Social websites has changed conversation channels and mediums during the last 10 years (Afshar 2013). All the articles display the significance of developing a ‘sense of community belonging and affiliation' mainly because social media connects and activates people from the comfort of their own house. However , the group discovered that organisations do not employ social media...

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