Personal Wellness Assessment

 Personal Wellness Assessment Article

Personal Health assessment

Jessie Sanders


April eight, 2013

Tamera Young

Personal Health examination

The three measurements of wellness that I was strongest in are Interpersonal health, Psychological health, and Intellectual health. I was stronger in Social health I be friends with everyone, I actually try to see the great in my close friends, and I was a good audience. My second highest rating came in Emotional health. I really believe I are stronger inside the emotional dimensions because I could control my emotions and express myself without confrontation. I i am also a versatile person and friends are likely to rely on myself for support. My third strongest area is Intellectual health. We am solid in this area because I thoroughly consider effects and learn via my faults. I know the right way to manage period, I i am always researching ways to improve me as a person, and close friends trust my judgment.

Three dimensions of health I could use improvement are Physical health, Environmental health, and Spiritual overall health. A few things I could perform to improve my personal physical overall health would be to perform exercises built to strengthen my personal muscles and increase my endurance. I really could also begin doing expands and limbering exercises to enhance my body awareness. With environmental health I possibly could just to perform my portion to preserve normal resources, and find out about hazard in my living area. To enhance my spiritual health I need to just decelerate and enjoy those things around me, sympathize with the folks in require, and exist, and not let it pass myself by.

A few of the habits I make with health happen to be my eating routine. One thing I really could do to improve is be sure I provide a healthy lunch time to eat instead of going to lunchtime as often. I could also study what foods are healthy to me and prepare food them for lunch. I could work on my physical health by simply walking with my wife after work, take my kid on bicycle rides, and finding...

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