Week a few LOM Assignment

Gastric Bypass vs . Lap-band

Angela Overton



Dr . Pennington

The difference involving the gastric bypass plus the Lap-band happen to be that they both restrict the amount of food intake but the gastric bypass reroutes where the abdomen and portion of the intestines connect causing short-term malabsorption. The lap-band just restricts the amount of food intake. With any surgery or amendment to the human body there features the possibilities of complications and everything surgeries have risk. Complications of via a gastric bypass includes ulcers are openings or destroys in the protecting lining with the upper portion of the small is going to or the belly causing soreness in pain. Ulcers can usually be cured successfully by simply medications. A stricture is usually when the fresh connection between the stomach and small is going to heals, but as it mends, it can forms scar tissue that may make the starting of the interconnection smaller. This variety of gastric bypass atlanta side effects can even progress towards the patient not tolerating virtually any solid food or fluids. Lap band hazards include band slip, the term " strap slip” is usually kind of deceiving because the music group itself will not move and cause the problem. A " slip” occurs when the stomach that is certainly below the music group " slips” up or prolapses through the band. This causes the opening involving the pouch and the lower belly to become even more narrowed or perhaps completely clogged. Obstructions following placement of the band attributable to overfilling the band may cause esophageal wall plug obstruction. Port and Tubes complications: These complications symbolize a significant way to obtain problems following lap band. Failing of the slot and lines may be relevant to mechanical pushes associated with change in abdominal wall membrane anatomy after weight loss, and physical changes in the silicone tubes.


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