Good idea attempt. You may have written much more than most in your age. Discussing try and simplify the concepts.

QUESTION -Many of the characters' ambitions in 'Of Rats and Men' are focused on dreams for a better life � analyse the presentation of two of these dreams within the novel.

Tips on how to Write a great Essay

1 ) Don't stress

2 . Try to follow each of the characters. What would it be like to end up being them? several. Try to build a short thesis statement.

4. Never deviate beyond the boundary from the thesis statement throughout the essay. a few. Do you make use of one or two quotations? I'm in the U. S. We make use of double quotations first. In that case, single rates.

Here are 3 good ideas you possessed. Try and develop the fantasy idea even more. Stay away from the loss of life of the dream. The question is seriously not asking how the wish dies. I use reworked the paragraphs a whole lot.

The American Dream of prosperity and self-reliance fuels Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. The two central characters, George and Lennie, forge a bond to do this dream. Inside the achievement with their dream, they have to separate themselves from the many itinerant workers whose perspire, grime, and despair become obstacles to dream satisfaction. George seems that their particular situation is exclusive in contrast to various other ranch employees: they have each other. He features, 'Because I obtained you to maintain me, therefore you got me personally to look after you. ' This shows that George and Lennie share a symbiotic marriage; they depend on each other to realise a sense of hope in an otherwise hopeless life. Additionally , their pay, food portion, and needs will be shared.

Lennie's childlike faith in the dream forces the negative George to confront the dream daily. Lennie's main objective is always to 'tend the rabbits. ' He frequently looks to George for reassurance that he will be able to are likely rabbits down the road. " Looking after the rabbits" is a outward exhibition of George's love to get Lennie just as much as it is Lennie's dream. George is " tending the rabbits" previously in generating ahead while using...