Section III

Assessment of practicum program

1 ) What I learned from the knowledge?

We've learned a lot of things in just 500 hrs of on the job schooling. It was a great learning experience. I've became more educated when it comes to Outlining, Journal entry, issuing statement of accounts, stripping, joining and numbering, auditing and more. I have skilled how to operate under pressure. Seeing that Business Office gave me the opportunity to present my ability in doing those ideas and everyday seems to be filled with learning! I was exposed in various business functions. It boosts my expertise in inspecting and fixing problems.

2 . My personal experiences with all the people around me.

I've noticed that there are still other activities that I have to improve among it is my verbal interaction. Though I possess this enough confidence yet there are times that I'm possessing a hard time on expressing me, my thought with others because We don't specifically know how am I going to say it in a way that the audience could easily understand that and obtain my level. I did not know how come I was able to adopt the lifestyle in business world. People who I individuals are really amazing! They're and so professional. Whilst in the working place I was capable to show my own respect via high located personnel before the lowest one like the operating students and utilities. I'm very careful regarding creating a great impression with others realizing that I'm not merely using my name although also the name of my division.

3. One of the most memorable function during my practicum.

It is once Sir Donato give a great assignment in my opinion and I done it promptly and got a compliment from him it is the the majority of memorable. And one more that we am genuinely proud of!!! I possibly could say that i became more punctual. My spouse and i am no more having a problem about time administration. Now is actually easier for me to determine the work that needs prioritization. If I'll look again on the things i am just before I could admit now I am someone that much more...