My experience in Jaffna.

- Sandarangi Perera.

For three long decades Sri Lanka was ripped apart by a malicious conflict between the country's majority and minority. This war made the north part of the country inaccessible to most of us; its citizens. My spouse and i myself thought that the people, lifestyle and magnificence of Jaffna and its surrounding areas could forever stay a unknown to me. On the other hand once the warfare ended the north opened its doors for the rest of this island then to come witness almost all it has to offer. Despite this great option at my grasp, yet I used to be not capable of visiting northern Ceylon (veraltet) as I just never had the chance to. The good news is this opportunity was given to my fellow college buddies and myself by each of our college, to be able to see and experience the post war north.

After very much planning, pleasure and enthusiasm we head out to Jaffna hoping to gain new experiences, to learn new lessons and to help make it memories since young persons aspiring to be future press. Our reason for going to Jaffna was to accumulate information that was needed to write the tales that each of us were designated. The general matter assigned towards the particular group that I belonged to was " agriculture”, and were given the total freedom to select a story all of us preferred underneath that extensive topic. The work was to pick a story which has a news benefit. I immediately decided on publishing my tale about the grape farming in Jaffna, considering my love for it and my own curiosity about the its farming.

On my initial day in Jaffna My spouse and i arranged a job interview with a few federal government officers on the Ministry of Agriculture Upper Province. The interview was rather successful and turned out to be both experienced and interesting. I learned much about the history of grape fostering in Jaffna, its predicament during the warfare, its status after the war, different typed of grape fruit grown in Jaffna, the down sides and hazards faced by farmers and last but not least the future plans and goals collection for the...