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THE CRADDOCK CUP Jose Rivaldo shuffled through the papers in the desk and sighed. Since the general director of the Craddock Youth Sports League (CYSL), Rivaldo was committed to providing highquality sports activities to boys and girls inside the area. Furthermore to controlling regular CYSL operations, Rivaldo was intensely involved in wearing a local soccer tournament, the Craddock Cup, which usually brought roughly 32 most recognized high school sports teams by throughout the location each May well. This year's tournament, like its precursors, had been deemed a great accomplishment by players, their families, as well as the local community. The elements had been beautiful, the referees had been reasonable, and the neighborhood hotels and restaurants had profited in the influx of folks. Nevertheless, Rivaldo knew the Craddock Cup was in trouble. Tournament expenditures continued to rise, while company sponsorships remained difficult to get hold of. CYSL got founded the Craddock Glass, in part, to finance a field-acquisition program to get the little league, with the expectation that the competition would make at least $6, 500 annually toward that objective. Unfortunately, with tournament income averaging a loss of practically $4, 1000 a year, CYSL's board of directors was beginning to express frustration together with the lack of profits generated by the Craddock Glass. Rivaldo understood the Craddock Cup was in danger of being canceled, and that he risked burning off his job with CYSL if this individual did not devise a plan to improve tournament revenue. He decided to review the business and expenditures of the Craddock Cup to verify if there was a way to increase the cup's profits and continue the tournament.

Background The Craddock Cup was widely considered to be the most recognized tournament for high school sports players in the area. The event consisted of a boys' high school bracket and a girls' high school mount, each with 16 clubs. Through a series of rounds and consolation rounds, the search positions of all the teams, from 1 to of sixteen, were identified, with every single team playing four video games throughout the course of the competition. See Demonstrate 1 for the current year's Boys' High school graduation Division effects and group structure.

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Funding to get the event came from crew registration fees, corporate sponsors, T-shirt revenue, concession revenue, and contribution fees for soccer treatment centers held during the tournament pertaining to the younger siblings of tournament participants. Each team paid a $295 registration cost to enter the tournament. In the past few years, the Craddock Cup had progressed into a show off event for talented senior high school players. Normally, about twenty-five college scouts attended the tournament every year for enrolling purposes. The Craddock Glass encouraged recruiters' attendance by paying for their very own hotel rooms and by publishing a " confront book” that included an image and account of each gamer 16 years of age or more mature. The presence of the scouts enabled the competition to attract the region's finest high school teams.

Profit Declaration Estimates Rivaldo looked at the money estimate for year's Craddock Cup (Exhibit 2). This individual planned to use this information since the basis for his suggestions to the CYSL board. This individual used the following data in compiling the...