lineName: Lexy

College: Seminole State College

Campus/Time: Altamonte Springs/5: 00pm

Date: October 30, 2012

Women's Educational Rights in Other Countries


I. Advantages (Open with Impact): There is a little girl, named Malala, from the Central East who was shot in the head almost all because she wanted to further more her education. II. Concentrate on the Thesis Statement: Could educational rights in other countries, mainly around the Central East areas, are not the same such as the United States. III. Connect with the Audience: How do you feel if you were in Malala's shoes having a man looking to stop you from learning? IV. Critique of Main Points: This evening, Revealed what it is like for women, numerous, to be within a school that will not want them there. a. Preview Stage 1: Pakistan

b. Critique Point 2: Iranian university or college

c. Preview Point 3: Stats compared to the ALL OF US rates of ladies who are not enrolled in college (Primary and Secondary) Move: First, I'll take you all the way to Pakistan, more so dedicated to the girl My spouse and i mentioned previously as my example.

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My spouse and i. Main Stage 1: In line with the New York Occasions, October 12, 2012, Malala, at the age of 11, voiced out to her home of Swat that no person, not even the Taliban could stop her from obtaining her education. a. Sub Point 1: People who encouraged girls to continue to attend institution where publically humiliated and there rotting corps can be displayed in the streets. b. Sub Stage 2: Over 200 colleges were ruined and remain closed. They most likely will never rebuild. Signal Post: Not merely is Pakistan going through these kinds of troubled moments, so are different countries: Serbia II. Key Point two: Iranian females are staying banned via Universities. c. Sub Stage 1: The BBC Persian, September twenty-one, 2012, says that more than 30 schools have released new rules banning female students from almost 80 different degree courses. d. Sub Point...