Effects of Web commerce on Business

Financial Supervision of Current Operations

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Executive Synopsis

This kind of paper looks at the proliferation of electronic digital commerce (E-Commerce) and its implications affecting the corporate world. In particular this addresses the result of changes in information technology and government regulation and the monetary impact of such changes on electronic digital commerce.

First, this paper covers the features of E-Commerce that contain contributed to the widespread make use of this method. These features include effectiveness, availability of info, and better customer service.


Second, that examines the issues relating to Ecommerce transactions. Concerns such as electronic digital data interchange (EDI), digital stored-value products and security characteristics that influence electronic deals.

Third, the effect of Web commerce on businesses is elaborated, ranging from financial institutions to small companies.

Fourth, new developments are dealt with. Such as electronic digital banking, digital cash (E-Cash), the possibility of a virtual trading floor, and developments in image technology.

Finally the paper concludes using a discussion of the future of E-Commerce and just how such concerns as; federal government regulations and future scientific advances will affect an organization's economic success.


Ecommerce is defined as executing business in electronic format, whether it is online or through established networks set up among businesses, business to organization, or between business and consumers, organization to customers. E-Commerce provides moved coming from being the technology for the future to becoming today's very important way of conducting business. The fast development of industrial-strength software applications made for real-life deals has made E-Commerce one of the most powerful and dependable methods for doing business in the 21st Century. U. T. retail E-Commerce sales reached $44 billion in 2002 - symbolizing 1 . four percent of total U. S. price tag sales – an increase of 29 percent over 2001 e-sales of $34 billion. In the fourth quarter of 2003 e-sales accounted for 1 ) 9 percent of total retail revenue ($17 billion). Today, 1000s of companies embark on business within the Internet. They build on the net catalogs attainable to lots of people worldwide that may be instantly up to date and personalized for pennies per customer. Companies get new viewers through digital superstores that offer unlimited choices, but carry no products on hand. They also establish thriving on the web brokerage businesses by recharging low smooth fees. Manufacturers halved all their production cycles by including their source chains with the vendors. The two small and large businesses have their reasons to show a presence around the Internet. The next elaborates for the efficiency, information source and customer service highlights of E-Commerce. Popular features of E-Commerce

E-Commerce enables companies money, buy better, and connect to customers and suppliers in more powerful methods. Businesses everywhere have an possibility to harness the global reach and immediacy of conducting organization through electric means.

Performance in Functions

Ecommerce is accelerating business cycles and changing certain business rules. The computer-based data systems that support speedy response selling and on the web service weren't designed for time-based competition and management. Monetary systems, the most popular concept of " economies-of-scale” features given rise to do business in " batches, ” which means producing all of the output for an incoming period at once. For instance, it is very common for a payroll system to generate all of the bank checks for the next week postdated to their respective benefit dates. To describe it in not a problem as there are delays in mail and in-house digesting. In fact , the practice of " possessing back the check” in the proverbial compartment is...

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