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 Ict Form4 Spm Dissertation


1 ) Introduction

2 . Mobile computing

three or more. 1 . Description

3. 2 . Specification, providers, and eq of mobile computing 3. Net technology and services

4. a few. VolP

5. 4. WEBLOG

4. Types of network


5. six. VPN

five. 7. WLAN

5. almost eight. WIMAX

five. Conclusion

6. Reference point

1 ) Introduction

AВ computer network, often merely referred to as a network, is actually a collection ofВ computersВ and devices interconnected by marketing communications channels that facilitate communications among users and allows users to talk about resources. Sites may be classified according to a wide variety of attributes. A computer network allows showing of methods and details among interconnected devices. Computer networking also is an engineering willpower concerned with conversation between personal computer or device. Networking, routers, routing protocols, and networking over the open public internet get their specification described in record called RFC's. computer networking are sometime considered as a sub-discipline of telecommunication, computer scientific research, or computer engineering. pc network count heavily after the theoretical and program of these clinical and anatomist disciplines. computer system network is actually a group of interconnected computers. Network may be labeled according into a wide variety of characteristic, a computer network is virtually any set of computer systems or products connected to the other person with the ability to exchange data.

Most network happen to be interconnected to permit a connection with a number of different kinds of mass media. computer network can be perceived as a two way procedure in which there is certainly an exchange and progress of thoughts. computer conversation is a pre-reviewed international journal that posts high-quality certain articals using a special attention towards the evolution from the internet buildings protocols, providers and applications.

2 . Mobile Computing

2 . 1-Definition

Traveling with a laptop is a general term explaining one's capacity to use technology while going, as opposed to portable computers, that are only easy for use when deployed in a stationary settings.

Mobile computing indicates wireless transmitting, but cellular transmission does not necessary suggest mobile computing. set wireless app use satellite tv, radio program and lasers to transmit between permanent object including building and towers Put simply mobile computing as well taking computer and all important files and software out into the field.

2 . 2-Specification, services, and frequencies of mobile computing



a Smartphone is known as a mobile phone that provide more enhance computing capacity and connection and modern day basic ‘future phone'. smartphone may be thought of as handheld pc integrated in a mobile phone, but they are capable to run application based on platform such as java ME or BREW a smartphone enable user to setup and run more improve application bottom on a certain platform. Smartphone run finish system software providing a program for software developer – smartphone hardware and software is created at the smartphone genome project.


in term of service, most smartphone support complete feature email capabilities while using functionality of any complete personal organizer. different service might include one more interface just like miniature QWERTY keyboard, atouch screen or D-pad, a built-in camera, contact supervision accelerometer, integrated navigation hardware and software, the ability to read business record in selection format, multimedia software for playing music. browsing photos and video, internet browser or perhaps secure access to company postal mail. such as can be provide with a blackberry



a few. Internet technology and services

3. 1-Voice over net protocol (VoIP)

Voice over Net...

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The most recent development in network and communication

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