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Professor Lew

ENG 111

twenty April 2015

The Danger of Total Equal rights

Would you somewhat live in a world, where anything is the same? Every American is completely equal, which means that no one is usually dimmer, uglier, weaker, and slower that anyone else, noises good correct? Non the less a global where the beauty is players away with a mask so that it won't be entertaining, the solid would be chained up in probleme and the intelligent has to have on huge headsets muffs that sends deafening signals to interrupt virtually any thoughts of intelligent. In the short story, " Harrison Bergeron” written by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. that world is out there of the 12 months 2081. In this world Kurt Vonnegut, shows the danger of total equality. One way Kurt Vonnegut reveals the danger of total equal rights is persons in the year of 2081 will be being in charge. The government still has control and that is stating a higher power in charge, which means every thing is still certainly not equal. Those are staying control to the sense where they loose individuality. How the government can be enforcing control is by persons in probleme. People are dropping individuality by wearing handicaps " Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or perhaps quicker than anybody else” (Vonnegut 232). Since there is also a lack about individuality, I do believe the people will be losing their particular freedom too. In that culture none contains a voice and is not revolting for a change individuals who would problem or participate would be penalize severely by government in the event that they present any individual attributes. For example , the ballerina who also took over the news, had to apologize at once on her voice because it was a great unfair words for a women. That displays an inhuman and robotic society. One more example that total equal rights is harmful is the dropped of the people. With the authorities having control, and is penalizing people who shows any impressive attributes, prudent for people to get in dread and not producing the transform. The government features so much...

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