I. Introduction

a. Interest grabber and greeting

Have you ever jogged to the Han river just lately? If you got, you would certainly noticed that the fresh smell has changed into a foul one particular and most significantly, that the clean, sanitary lake has been changed into a green tea latte color. b. Introduction to the topic and the brief importance

The key reason why that the river has been changed into this peculiar color is because of algae problems. There was climber before, nonetheless it was not this kind of extreme. This situation is so severe. There was the first wrack alert in the Han riv. People are thinking that this is gonna be a serious problem. c. Target statement

This can be about how this is affecting us and what is happening because of this condition. II Body

a. Who have, what, exactly where, what, just how did the incident happen?

On 08, There was the first wrack alert in the Han river. After that, the Paldang Lake in Gyeonggi had an additional alert in July twenty seven. This climber problem is allowing many fish to perish, so the foodstuff web in the water is usually falling apart. On Thursday, the algae reached the upper part of the Nakdong river. Experts feels that if perhaps this will keep happening, water we drink would get fewer safer for people to drink it. b. How come did it happen?

Environmental groupings claim that this example is brought on by the government's four-rivers huge project for the reason that water circulation has turned slower and there was more hours for the algae to create. The government says that it is as a result of high temperature plus the four river mega project would clean the water. c. Who is the most affected? How come this very important to all of us? Those who make use of water by the Han river is most damaged because the normal water is becoming much less safer to use the water. III. Conclusion a. Personal thoughts and opinions

I think this kind of serious problem can be...