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Arab saudi education3

Region outlook4

Market of Saudi Arabia4

Human population statistics4

Economy of Saudi Arabia5

Key import and export6

Politics and legal environment6

Industry outlook7

Expansion rate and long term potential. 7

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Professional summary


The project which we certainly have assigned may be the global marketing strategy and task which we must accomplish should be to check and identify the ideal company and a product /service which will type in the runs market. The industry which usually we decided to take this broad is usually education sector in which put into effect University of Lahore because our target company which will we have made a decision to take it abroad the target abroad market is the training industry of Saudi Arabia. Why we select this section of the world is the fact recently Saudi Arabia has made number of good within their education system by giving permission to their and begin working on several educational programmes. Before further proceed right here is the background and some of the well renowned colleges. Saudi Arabia education

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia began in the year 1932. At that time, education in Persia was meant only for kids belonging to the rich class. Nevertheless Saudi Arabia education system features greatly designed in the recent times. It is aimed at providing quality education to 1 and all. There are many of universities, colleges, schools and academics institutes in Saudi Arabia, that have been established in the recent times. About 25, 00 schools and 11 colleges have been set up in the kingdom. Full Saud University or college is the initial university that was placed in the year 1957 at Riyadh. Saudi Arabia education offers courses in the numerous branches of art and science. Some of the popular universities and educational institutes of Saudi Arabia incorporate: * Effat College

2. Naif Arab Academy pertaining to Security Savoir

* Company of Financial

* The school of Teachers at 's Jouf

5. Institute of Public Administration

* Islamic Saudi School

Some of the popular universities of Saudi Arabia happen to be:

* Full Saudi School

* King Fahd School

* Islamic University

* Umm AL- Qura University or college

* Ruler Abdul Aziz University

2. King Fahd University to get Petroleum and Minerals

* Imam University

Country outlook

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started byВ Abdul-Aziz bin SaudВ (known for some of his career asВ Ibn Saud) in 1932, even though the conquests which eventually generated the creation of the Kingdom began in 1902 if he capturedВ Riyadh, the ancestral house of his family, theВ House of Saud, referred to in Arabic asВ Al Saud. TheВ Saudi Arabian federal government has been anВ absolute monarchyВ since their inception, and it describes itself since beingВ Islamic. Arab saudi enjoys superb prestige while the custodian of the birthplace of Islam. The kingdom is usually called " The Property of the Two Holy Mosques" in guide toВ Al-Masjid al-HaramВ (inВ Mecca), andВ Al-Masjid al-NabawiВ (inВ Medina), the two holiest places in Islam. Arab saudi has the world's secondВ largest olive oil reservesВ which happen to be concentrated typically in theВ Eastern Province. В Oil accounts for a lot more than 95% of exports and 70% of government revenue, even though the share in the non-oil overall economy has been growing recently. This has facilitated the transformation of your underdeveloped wasteland kingdom as one of the planet's wealthiest nations. Vast petrol revenues have permitted fast modernisation, like the creation of aВ welfare condition. It has also the world'sВ sixth largest gas reserves. Demographic of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's population since the Apr 2010 Census was twenty-seven, 136, 977: 18, 707, 576 Saudi nationals and 8, 429, 401...

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