Stryker produces the next products to become considered for this project. We feel ABC Medical will benefit from the use of these products:

-Stryker System 7 High quality Power Equipment


-Significantly quieter than previous ages

-Longer, even more reliability battery-life

-Innovative rotary hand part offering improved torque and improved power to weight percentage -Integrated SORN Remote Device Management permits real time transfer of data to Stryker support teams -Design enhancements rendering it lighter, more efficient, longer lasting and easier to use. -Enhanced safety swap placement lowering accidental blocking during a circumstance


System 7 can significantly increase efficiency in ABC Medical. Stryker's SmartLiFE Li-Ion significant battery works 183% much longer and tiny battery runs 220% much longer. This will save time, lower surgery time in the OR PERHAPS for sufferers and lessen frustrating downtime. The considerably quieter drill will make crucial communication in the OR simpler. Perhaps most significant of all, SORN Remote Device management will offer your group peace of mind and significantly reducing down time in the OR. In the event something goes wrong, a dedicated Stryker support director will be monitoring in real time every step of the way. In addition , careful monitoring of equipment use will help ideal utilize your future budget.

Stryker Cordless New driver 4


- Increased torque and power than previous generations

-Cordless- exceptional maneuverability

-Smaller and less heavy than previous generations

-Powerful high speed motor

Stryker Cord less Driver some continued

-Completely compatible with System 7 SmartLife batteries

-Integrated SORN Remote Device Management enables real time transfer of data to Stryker support clubs significantly minimizing down time inside the OR Rewards

Cordless Driver 4 is important have inside the OR. The versatility makes CD4 helpful for a variety of applications thus removing...