Food Lifestyle Between Vietnam and America

 Food Traditions Between Vietnam and America Essay

п»їNghia Nguyen

Hannah Elder

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Food Culture in Vietnam and America

Once we discuss about the differences between Vietnamese and America culture, we can imagine many things such as History, Type of Music, Disciplines, Religion, Dialect, etc . And, I will let you know some variations and similarities in consuming culture of the two countries. Even though that they both have points in common just like family's meal, tea and coffee for morning, 3 meals each day or small snacks between main foods. But , the foodstuff cultures of two countries are different in lots of ways including sorts of farmland, life activities, cooking style and ingesting style. To begin with, Vietnam and America both have farmlands and seas to boost animals and sea pets. When in fact , most Japanese are vessel people, they earn their living by shrimping and doing some fishing. So all their meals would most possess of seafood and rice every day. I recently came across some People in america don't actually like fish. In Vietnam, there are certainly not that many cows or pigs because there are certainly not that many farmlands. Vietnam is practically like a big island; it really is almost surrounded by water whatsoever sides except the north, which is connected to China. Vietnam's land is usually not so good; many of them are rocky or dried. It is generally in the south where the land is good and where the farmlands are at, although mostly Vietnam has many grain paddies. It really is too apparent that seafoods in America is very expensive but also in Vietnam it is cheap and same for meat. Second, people at times go out for dinner with passionate partner in both Vietnam and America. I noticed there are many fast food restaurants in the usa, something that aren't very popular in Vietnam. This clearly demonstrates life in America is very quickly and people are working so hard trying to get rich and successful. Actually, americans are busy that they can do not even have time to prepare and prepare food their own meals. They will have to get foods that are prepared quickly so they can likewise eat...

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