In the dissertation Shooting a great Elephant George Orwell publishes articles about two major subjects imperialism and despotism. In line with the New Oxford American Dictionary the meaning of imperialism is usually " a policy of stretching a country's power and influence diplomacy or military force”, plus the meaning of despotism is definitely " the exercise of absolute electric power, especially in a cruel and oppressive method. ” Although Orwell would not dwell on the subjects in writing, detailed his dissertation revolves around imperialistic views and despotism. Imperialism applies to Orwell's essay because time period in Burma he was an officer and he was working for the British who were the " imperialist” for the Indian persons. In the article Orwell declares that imperialism is a great evil issue and this individual does not believe its composition. He as well states that he was for the Burmese people and against all their oppressors. Subsequently his thoughts towards imperialism made him question the ruling from the British over the Burmese persons. Despotism relates to the composition because Orwell, as an officer, was supposed to be one " in charge” nevertheless because of his feelings towards imperialism the Burmese people where the types calling the shots. In lots of ways he was torn between two things, he seriously considered the elefant and how he didn't want to kill the elefant or let it run free of charge. He simply decided to destroy the hippo because the individuals were not only providing pressure him although because the elephant was a threat to culture at the time. If you think about it the people would not like Orwell because he was an officer for the British. There is certainly that well-known he was in a situation where in the event he didn't kill the elephant the Burmese persons would nonetheless dislike him because he is definitely an expert of the Uk.