Financial Analysis Home Lager

 Financial Analysis Home Website Essay

Financial Evaluation of Home Depot

Pertaining to Fiscal Season Ending Feb 3, 2008

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Financial Analysis of Home Website


Founded in 1978 by Arthur Banks and Bernie Marcus, who had been both dismissed from an area hardware store after having a disagreement with the supervisor (, Home Website opened it is first shop in The atlanta area, Georgia about June twenty two, 1979 ( The pioneers had a perspective to create a big-box retail sequence that energized customers to consider their own do-it-yourself and fix projects. Because the fourth largest retailer inside the U. T. and the planet's largest home improvement retailer (, Home Depot operates practically 2, 500 stores inside the U. T., Canada, Mexico and Cina, with annual retail product sales in excess of $66 billion dollars.

In the spirit of " do-it-yourself”, all of us carefully examined the 3 years ago and 2008 financial transactions presented within our class text message. Our goal is to offer a thorough yet poignant evaluation of Residence Depot's economic strength. This report can focus on liquidity, profitability, credit risk and also other financial measures.

The below data is info that was obtained from Appendix A; Williams, J., Haka, S., Bettner, M., Carcello, J., Monetary & Managerial Accounting the Basis for Business Decisions, 15e, 2010

1 . Also houses Depot's fluidity situation so that current debts can be easily paid? So why or why not?

With net earnings of $4, 395, 000 as of February 2008, Home Depot was not while profitable while the previous 2 years. Its net income percentage (net income $77, 349 divided by total revenue $4, 395) was only your five. 7% and therefore the company was only able to convert 5. 7% of its income into net income. Its return on collateral (net salary $77, 349 divided by simply average stockholders' equity $17, 714 & $25, 030/2 = $21, 372) was 20. 5% meaning that for each and every dollar of equity capital, Home Depot only received income of around 20 mere cents.

With a current ratio (current assets divided by current liabilities) of 1. 15: you and a functional capital (current assets – current liabilities) of $1, 968, 500 Home Lager is in a good position to satisfy its cash obligations as they become due. A current proportion of 1. 15 translates into stating that HD has 1 ) 15 instances that of current assets than current liabilities and will have resources to pay it can liabilities.

Computer the speedy ratio (quick assets that include cash, valuable securities and receivables divided by current liabilities $12, 706), we discover that Residence Depot's rate is only. hundratrettiofem, < 1 . The ideal ratio for quick ratio ought to be at least 1: one particular and based on the financial statements, HD is. 135 or below one particular indicating that HD's liquidity is usually low and that they may have difficulty in the future looking to buy inventory on credit as a result of their very own quick resources being below their overall current resources. In a strong economy having a booming property and development market, this may not be so scary. However , in a slow economic climate, HD should be cognizant that their collectors may query HD's ability to meet all their cash commitments for dread that the organization would have significant trouble turning over it is inventory.

2 . Are the provider's receivables " turning over" at a rate that needs to be pleasing to management? So why or perhaps you should? What activities might administration consider acquiring to accelerate collections?

The subsequent calculations are as follows:

Net Sales (for year finishing 2/3/2008): $77, 349

Accounts Receivable (1/28/2007): $3, 223

Account Receivable (2/3/2008): $1, 259

Typical inventory (year ending 2/3/2008): [pic]

Receivables turnover rate ($77, 349 / $2, 241): thirty four. 5 times

Average days exceptional (365 / 34. 5): 10. six days

It takes only 10. six days intended for HD gather on their exceptional receivables and turns all of them into money. HD administration is...

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