Example: Comparing Watson, Century, and Guardian

Example: Comparing 15.08.2019
 Case Study: Contrasting Watson, Hundred years, and Guardian Essay

п»їAnalisys on the 3 rd Retailer, Protector

Guardian where we stopped at is Guardian Margonda Metropolis. It is located in the cellar floor, near Giant superstore, right before Giant's entrance. How big is the shop is not really big, although enough to position all sort of product which it want to trade. Convenience

1 . Location: As being a pharmacy, Guardian should be easy to reach. It chooses Margonda City to open its part to cover Depok Area. It is just a good decision, since Margonda City is simple to reach. In Margonda Metropolis, Guardian is located in basement flooring, near Giant supermarket's entrance. We think this location is helpful for Guardian. For example , customers that simply finished purchasing in Big can immediately get exposure to Guardian, and so they can remember the actual needs, and so they can get that really needs in Guardian. 2 . Readily available hours: It follows Margonda City's starting hours, from 10. 00 A. Meters until 11. 00 L. M. This really is quite high range of hours, so consumer will not have difficulty in locating his or her offered time to store in Guardian. 3. Auto parking: Since it is placed in Margonda City, parking area is provided by the mall, and it is large and safe. 4. Finding Needed Item: Guardian divided its look for area providing pharmacy, health product, beauty product, and convenience merchandise, each which has a very clear signal, so customers will be very easily guided. And shopkeepers that will assist customers to obtain the product necessary. 5. Quickly Checkout: It is fast, since the shop is usually not also crowded. The waiting amount of time in cashier is definitely not long, it truly is less than five minutes when you will discover other customers, and fewer than a couple of minutes while we are alone. Product Selection

1 . Width and depth of assortment: Protector offers wide range of product. The width range is including pharmacy product and overall health product, which will already protects Guardian's character as drug-store. But in addition to that, Guardian also provide snacks and also other convenience merchandise. Guardian likewise sells a variety of herbal products and supplements or health food. Almost as much as it markets health product, Guardian also sells broad variety of beauty products, coming from beauty proper care to cosmetics. And for beauty and health product, Guardian offers profound range of brand. While for snack foods and refreshments and gadgets, since they are certainly not the main merchandise, is limited to several brand only. 2 . Top quality: Guardian provides product only from official maker. We won't find any kind of nameless item, or skeptical product. Unique Services

1 ) Special buy: Guardian also provide special buy in the form of providing health expert and receiving physician's recipe. installment payments on your Home delivery: There is no residence delivery service in Mom or dad 3. Gift idea wrap: There is no gift place service in Guardian, which is not really important, since people avoid usually provide medication like a gift. Justness in Dealings

Guardian provides customer care quantity for customers to voice their opinion. However as the size of Guardian is usually pharmacy and personal care retail outlet, when the majority of the product that sells can be medication or perhaps beauty merchandise, there is no come back privilages. Useful Information

1 ) Courteous sales help: The shopkeepers happen to be friendly and helpful, and so they respect the shoppers well. 2 . Displays: The displays from the shop can be featured about shelves which height is about adult's vision level and so there would be not any product that customers will probably be difficult to observe. The ‘product on sale' is make the very front side of the store to gain visitor's interest. three or more. Demonstration: There exists a set of table and chair in the front-part of the store to do a demo (for example measuring blood pressure) when it is necessary. 4. Merchandise Informations: Seeing that all the product sold in Guardian usually come with packaging, consumers could find the merchandise informations in the product by itself. But if customers need additional information, the shopkeepers are helpful. Prices

1 . Credit: As Guardian is a pharmacy and it shouldn't sell big health tools like wheelchair, for example , Guardian doesn't present credits being a mean...

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