Title with the Essay: Clashes between Two Cultures

Professor's Name: Susan Young

Program: ENG tips

Student: Tahrima Sultana

Time: 10/16/2014

Issues between Two Cultures

When immigrants first arrive to the USA or any overseas country, they know that the only way to be accepted in their new place is to be such as the most other people. Although they embrace their fresh culture, sometimes, immigrants, Asians in particular, who also strongly trust in religion and tradition, they will don't desire their next generation to ignore or disrespect their beginning or classic values. They need their children to be like Us citizens, at the same time that they still want them to practice the values that they've brought from their native countries. For that reason complication, various children experience feeling alienated in their new country. The catastrophe of having correct cultural id has been knowledgeable by many zugezogener children for many years. It has come from two things: parents' anticipations of keeping classic values from children while they are trying to modify into the American society as well as the way their particular people deal with them depending on their nation of beginning. In the history " The Good Daughter, ” Caroline Hwang is ripped between two cultures, in which she challenges to find her true id whether the girl with a Korean or a north american. She is of Korean ancestry but delivered in the United States, producing her like a citizen. However the author lives her life like all-American, her parents expect her to marry someone Korean. Below, the parents' attitude toward their child according to the author, " Though they elevated me because an American, mother and father expect me to marry someone Korean and give them grand children who appear like them. ” By this statement author clarifies that the immigrant parents focus on to maintain their particular culture even if the children abhor that. First and foremost, parents of immigrant children still practice their traditional customs in the new nation they've completed in given that they think that training someone else's tradition completely reveals their unfaithfulness and disrespect to their mother country. One more is that the parents' path to finish assimilation can be distracted mainly because they confront language limitations, economic challenges, cultural dissimilarities, racial worries, mental differences and so on. These kinds of problems simply make them leave their unaccomplished dreams with their children. That they expect that their kids will obey what they want them to carry out in return for their sacrifices of leaving all their homeland to be able to give their children a better life.  But sometimes to make youngsters like all American they will fail to educate them their particular heritage lifestyle that makes kids confused about all their identity when grown up. Mcdougal said, " When I go back home, I called my parents might why they have never irritated to correct me. Big deal, my mother explained, sounded even more flippant than I knew the lady intended. ” Through this statement Haung acknowledged the ignorance of her parents' about her own language. In this kind of situation parents shouldn't expect to have all tradition to their children. The different factor is that other residents of the United States treat and strategy Asian immigrants according with their country of their origin and based on their very own physical appearance that can be a problem too. In this regard mcdougal mentioned, " The moment I actually walked into the dry-cleaning retail outlet, I knew the lady behind the counter was from Korea, like mother and father. To show her that we distributed a heritage, and possibly get yourself a fellow countryman's discount, I titled my head forward, in shy fake of traditional bow….. yet never from of my very own people. ” By this quotation the author wants to mean that nearing someone as being a fellow American also cause confusions about identity. For having little understanding of own history is embarrassing to others of...