Effects of Azt and Christianity

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 Effects of Zidovudine and Christianity Essay

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[The Make use of AZT while Medication for Patients with HIV/AIDS

Watching and exploring the moral and cultural views on the controversial issue of applying AZT as being a medication for the individuals that have HIV and/or ASSISTS

Great AZT as a treatment for HIV

* ZIDOVUDINE was first discovered (first synthesized) by Jerome P. Horwitz, Who performs for the Michigan Malignancy Foundation in Detroit. 5. AZT was discovered in the first 1960's when the ‘war upon cancer' first began. Doctors would just pick arbitrary drugs off of the shelves to see if they would function, and eliminate the cancer cellular material. * AZT was given the green light by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a drug to help battle AIDS and HIV in 1987. 2. Right after the drug was releases, fatalities resulting from HELPS skyrocketed since the dosage that was being given to the patients was believed to be too high. Therefore the serving was changed from 1200mg to 300mg. * The great debate about AZT's staying effective or perhaps not commenced in 93, with some saying AZT will save you the lives of HIV patients yet others saying that it's a useless drug. * In 1996 it absolutely was discovered that every time a pregnant mother that has HIV takes AZT, it decreases the chances of the HIV staying transmitted from your mother to child. 2. In the Late 1990's Scientists Found that AZT is quite affective if it is given with another antiretroviral drug. This kind of therapy is referred to as HAART remedy. * Today since there are plenty of opposing views, regarding AZT. Many people just opt to not to take those drug instead of deal with the drug's likely side effects.

How AZT Is actually a Treatment to get HIV

AZT is a medication that is used to slow the introduction of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) in people who have are infected by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). AZT is a part of a group of drugs called antiretrovirals that were at first being used because treatment intended for cancer in the 1960's. Assists is a ailment that reduces the potency of the immune system. It destroys a type of defense cell called CD4, thus going out of individuals encountered with infections and tumors. Likewise HIV can be described as condition which causes failure within a human's immune system, the system which usually kills any kind of harmful viruses that are seen in the human body. Which means when HIV causes immune system to fail it leaves individuals in life frightening conditions once they are exposed to an illness.

AZT is only effective in HIV treatment when the virus is replicating into proviral DNA. It is because active chemical substance that is present in the AZT have a higher similarity with an chemical called invert transcriptase, which is an chemical that transcribes single trapped RNA into double trapped DNA. Although AZT is selective intended for HIV invert transcriptase, additionally, it functions to partially obstruct the activity of some human polymerase enzymes, those will be enzymes that add nucleotides to new forming hair strands of GENETICS. AZT will not serve to damage the HIV infection, nonetheless it main goal and function and is also to wait the progression of the HIV disease plus the replication from the virus. AZT's are recommended to pregnant mothers who may have HIV mainly because many studies include found which it decreases the chances of the HIV disease from being sent from the mother to the kid.

The primary problem with AZT's is that launched given in huge doses to patients which have HIV, the HIV typically is able to become resistant to this treatment. Therefore many doctors recommend that the drug be taken with other change transcriptase inhibitor and an antiretroviral coming from another drug group, This type of therapy is generally known as HAART (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy) remedy and this began in 1996. You can also get many unwanted effects that are caused by the use of ZIDOVUDINE and this involves: headaches, bone marrow depression, nausea, muscle tissue pain and a reduction in the quantity of white bloodstream cells. Even more serious unwanted side effects are anemia and decrease in the amount of...

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