Statement Paper #1 Environment


During my observation at the preschool here at Harper, I looked around and realized a whole lot of similarities and differences it has; compared to other preschool and preschool centers. Age children in the room I observed was age ranges 3-5 with one business lead teacher, and depending on the ratio of how a large number of kids appeared on that day, about three or several helping professors. The program was set up to a very open, happy and overwhelming placing. Every pieces of furniture and subject in the room had a sign declaring what it was, and then underneath the typed out word was your children's way of writing the actual object was. For example , an e book shelf was in the corner of the room; on the book shelf was the word printed away " Publication Shelf”. Underneath the typed away sign was Childs handwriting of the word " Publication Shelf” and after that a picture in the children at the book shelf showing what it is used for. During the time We observed, I came in during arrival period, and through the entire time We would watch them do play time, group time, munch time, and then outside period before my time was more than for the day. Schedule:

Their routine was up on the parent board, and everything around the place of the times, and the particular children carry out throughout the day. Around the door at the time you walk in, we have a big sign of the moments and a picture showing the actual children perform at those times. For example , 8: 30-920 is orgasms and there is a picture of the children playing on the carpet or perhaps at the fine sand tables. This shows if they wash hands, go outside the house, and when they eat snack in the morning. The schedule is very strict as well as the teachers stay with it, just because it really is what the parents and the children are use to, like that the children understand when to clean up and they may also help; simply because know when should you start undertaking that. Space Arrangement:

The space is established with centers, and at every center can be described as counter filled with bins of little toys and games, paper and other coloring materials, also autos and...