In the essay " A View by a Bridge, " mcdougal, Cherokee Paul McDonald attempts to describe the world through words and phrases to a son with no look. McDonald uses very detailed descriptions of this account also realizes that beauty is actually often forgotten in everyday activities.

In McDonald's essay, he uses his experience fishing having a blind son. While this individual uses first-person, he also uses discussion to explain what's happening. This allows the target audience to get a feel for what's happening. Through the important interaction from the author while using blind youngster, you are able to start to see the lesson that is certainly trying to end up being taught. Chinese the author picks for himself and the son help the audience to see into their characters. McDonald uses short sentences, comprising his brief temper and lack of patience with the son. McDonald portrays himself while an furious and sick character, at the beginning of the story with him scream phrases in the boy and cussing in the little boy if the boy asks for help.

The little son refers to McDonald as " Mister" and uses the phrase " hey" frequently to demonstrate the reader the youth with the boy great innocence. The innocence of the little boy is definitely shown if he makes responses such as, " Would you help me please? " The author makes the little boy appear helpless in addition to need of guidance with him fuss about around to look for his prawn that he accidentally decreased on the ground. The author almost the actual reader have a pity party for the limited boy, which is brought out even more when the author will not stop to aid the little young man. The reader seems angry if the author criticizes the way the sightless boy can be dressed, plus the little son's glasses.