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Summarize and make clear the reasons pertaining to the development of junior culture

There is no single cause of the development of lifestyle; rather, this came about because of the number of several social alterations occurring simultaneously. These improvements included the increasing economic power of young people, the impact of the UNITED STATES and globalisation, social improvements at the end of World Conflict 2, progress the press, demographic change in the amounts of young people and the transition to adulthood. Understanding youth lifestyle can be tough because distinct cultures and interruptions in employment status's can affect the angle of what " youth” is. Culture is the way we live within our culture and youngsters culture may be the way youngsters lives within it nevertheless because of the troubles youth culture could suggest different things to be able to cultures. Children culture created in the early on 1950's, even though the idea of youth as a stage in life includes a longer background. Youth traditions was first created in America following World Battle 2, which in turn Britain chosen to follow as a result of media and also other influences by America. In my opinion the most important element that designed youth lifestyle was the economic changes in contemporary society. Due to the require in workers after the Second World War there was an economic growth. The first person to realise the impact this was having on young people was Abram's (1959) who analysed the increased economic power of the ‘teenage consumer'. There was a noticeable design in what was getting many money spent on, because young adults were the age group spending the highest portion of their salary on leisure time activities and music, garments and cosmetics. This increase in economic electricity created the conditions for the emerging junior culture to build up. For the first time, the younger generation had significant amounts of money to invest. Another essential factor for the development was the social change at the end of World War 2 . There was clearly much more opportunities for...

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