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My own student ID was the first picture of me in america. My face was darker than usual seeing that there was too little light, nevertheless my cosmetic expression may still be found. I was grinning, but my personal smile could hardly mask the sense of nervousness and uncertainty My spouse and i felt. Two minutes after, my brand was published on the ID card; it had been my own, one of a kind student ID card. There may be only one " Wan Chan” at Central College. " Wan” in Chinese means rhyme, melody, or music. I have no clue whether mother and father wanted me personally to be a artist or poet person when I came to be, since I do not have the skills to become either one of these. 1 time I examined the meaning of " wan” in an British dictionary. Surprisingly, " wan” means " lacking vitality as from weariness or illness or perhaps unhappiness” in English. " Chan” is among the most well-known last brands in Cina. Sometimes My spouse and i joke with my American friends and tell them We am related to Jacky Chan. I always notify people who will not speak China to phone me " Venice, ” which is my English brand. Venice is a fantastic name since it is uncommon and is also the name of the romantic put in place Italy. Received from China and living in the United States, diversity and international associations have always been interesting to me. In order to perceive different cultures well, I ought to be aware of myself and my very own culture initially; therefore , I want to share a brief history of Hk because In my opinion we would not know ourself without knowing the history. I was born in Hong Kong, which can be in the the majority of southeastern component to China. Hong Kong started staying well-known about 400 years back when a few Chinese craved to escape in the constant detrimental wars. Hong Kong was entertained by the United Kingdom in 1841, and officially ceded from China the following 12 months. On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong became the Hk Special Management Region (SAR) of China. In its contract with Hk, China guaranteed to follow the " one particular country, two systems" principle...

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