Organizational Culture of Google

Teacher: Dr . Stephanie Hoon

Strayer University

TOUR BUS 520 Leadership and Company Behavior

September 24, 2014


Sergey Brin and Larry Web page who were PhD Students by Stanford School met in 1996 and so they came up with the concept of starting google search that they called BackRub. On the other hand on fourteenth September 1997, the two learners renamed this kind of search engine to Google and in the year 1998 this organization was launched officially. The term Google was based on the word googol which refers to digit 1 (1) accompanied by hundredth (100) zeros. Research shows that, Google receives millions of users upon daily basis and it is estimated that this business is worth immeasureable US dollars. In addition to this, Yahoo has confirmed to be among the leading organizations with diverse civilizations and continues to be named because the best executing organization that ingrates Culture and Diversity in Decision Making method. Some of the Awards that have been directed at Google contain: Hispanic Tavern Association of Orange State, Organizational Excellence Award, and Diversity in THAT Award, UK IT Industry Award, and National Connection of the Deaf Accessibility Honor among various other Awards. Google's Culture

The results of Google's success around the world stems from the culture that is developed by the key stakeholders inside the organization. It really is indeed true that, Yahoo has grown considerably since 98 when the company was officially launched and currently, it is employees are usually more than 200, and come from all parts with the globe. I will examine Google's culture of ethical specifications and habit as well as visible organizational procedures in the Company. Although Googlers share common goals and visions for the company, Yahoo hail by all areas and speak dozens of 'languages', reflecting a global audience that Google provide. And when not at work, Googlers pursue pursuits ranging from bicycling to beekeeping, from frisbee to foxtrot. The traditions of honest standards and behavior in Google

Typically, workers of Yahoo Company will be smart people and caused by various parts in the globe, they speak different different languages and their nationalities vary. In fact, these staff are expected to serve almost all customers without the favor or discrimination, hence " Do not evil” is key to Google's stakeholders, users of staff and all workers working for Google Company. This kind of statement is very vital to Google Company and it is expected that, everyone working in the corporation as well as other people of personnel should esteem one another and above all prize those laws and regulations and helping principles that have been established inside the organization in particular when it comes to the entire process of making decisions (Weber, 2008). В

In addition to that, clients' data is vital inside the Company and the company needs every staff and other members of personnel to ensure that consumers' information and data is given adequate protection from unauthorized get. The company needs that, every its personnel maintain high levels of sincerity at all time and any staff or staff member who is discovered to have sacrificed his work by disclosing clients details and info to illegal access is held responsible for all the damages caused will be forced to pay for the ultimate selling price of his negligence of duty (Schermerhorn, 2012). If there was ever before a decline in the web searching service, Google will need to adapt to the new demand. That is why it necessary for them to try to hire the neatest and the best within the field. Google gets the employees to adapt to a decline in the web searching service, the employees that they currently have and will be able to hire should be able to adapt to some other business that Google wants for being during this drop. (Bulygo, 2013)

Furthermore, safety of Google's assets is important to all workers and workers of this business. It is...

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