Cambridge British: First Speaking Sample evaluation with examiner's comments This document can help you familiarise yourself with the Speaking test to get Cambridge English: First, also known as First Qualification in British (FCE). That accompanies this kind of video, where you could see Angela, from Italy, and Agustina, from Spain, take a Speaking test. The two candidates deal well total with the tasks in the test out. Contents: Regarding the Cambridge English: 1st Speaking test out How the Cambridge English: First Speaking test out is assessed Comments for the sample evaluation: Part one particular Part a couple of Part 3 Part some Overall

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About the Cambridge English: First Speaking test

The Speaking evaluation is 14 minutes long and consists of 4 parts. The typical test format is two candidates and two examiners. One examiner will speak to you and your companion and the different will be hearing. Part 1 (3 minutes) The reviewer, evaluator asks you and your partner queries about her. You may be asked about things like ‘your home town', ‘your interests', ‘your job plans', etc . Part a couple of (a one-minute ‘long turn' for each applicant, plus a 20-second response through the second candidate) The reviewer, evaluator gives you two photographs and asks one to talk about all of them for one day. The examiner then demands your partner something about your photographs and your spouse responds in short ,. Then the evaluator gives your spouse two diverse photographs. Your partner talks about these photographs for just one minute. On this occasion the examiner asks you a question about your partner's photos and you respond briefly. Part 3 (approximately 3 minutes) The reviewer, evaluator asks you and your partner to talk together. You could be asked to resolve a problem or try to make up your mind about some thing. For example , you could be asked to decide the best way to use some rooms in a language institution. The examiner gives you a picture to help you although does not connect the chat. Part 5 (approximately some minutes) The interlocutor demands some additional questions, that leads to a even more general discussion of what you include talked about in Part 3. You could comment on your partner's answers if you wish.

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How the Cambridge English: First Speaking test out is evaluated As you do the test, the assessor focuses on these areas of the English: Grammar and Vocabulary Are you by using a range of grammatical structures and vocabulary? Will you be using these kinds of structures and vocabulary correctly? Are you employing vocabulary which can be appropriate for a range of familiar topics? Task Management Will you be using both long and short answers, depending on the task? Is everything you say strongly related the task? Will be your ideas expressed clearly? Will you be using several language to link and organise your opinions? Are you able to speak fluently and with very little repetition? Pronunciation You don't need to offer an English accent, but it is important to be clear. Will you be pronouncing individual sounds plainly? Are you putting stress on the right elements of words and the right words in phrases? Does your tone go up and down at the right moments? Interactive Communication Are you able to interact with the various other candidate very easily and successfully? Are you hearing the additional candidate and answering in a manner that makes sense? Are you able to start a discussion and...