2010 Secondary Education Program in English

 2010 Extra Education Program in British Essay

Republic of the Israel Department of Education Bureau of Secondary Education Programs Development Split Pasig Metropolis

March 21, 2010

DESK OF ARTICLES ii My spouse and i. II. III. IV. Versus. Introduction Conceptual Framework in English Idea Matrix Efficiency Matrix Software and General Standards Three-Stage Curriculum Structure

Annexes A. B. The Monitoring and Evaluation in the Implementation of the 2002 Extra Education Curriculum: Findings and Recommendations Guidebook Questions for the Review of the Curriculum


The Circumstance As a couple of practice, the curriculum in the Philippines is revised just about every ten years, nevertheless the rapid rate of difference in education and the fast obsolescence of knowledge require a continual revisiting and modernizing of the curriculum to make this responsive to growing changes in the requires of the student and the society. Thus, the refinement from the curriculum remains to be a operate progress. Apart from the issue of relevance, the refinement with the secondary education curriculum was guided by need, since articulated in the Education for all those Plan 2015, to streamline its content material in order to boost student competence and contribute to the attainment of functional literacy. This became a primary thought in the type of the programs and the ingredients of specifications and the important understandings that the content in the curriculum was derived. The results of national and international assessments were evaluated and reviewed for their effects for teaching and learning. The results were utilized to further tighten up the standards and improve the delivery of the subjects and the teaching-learning process. The results in the evaluation in the implementation of the 2002 Standard Education Curriculum were furthermore considered inside the review of the curriculum. The findings and recommendations (see Annex A) guided ideal to start of educators and the capacity-building of school minds in handling the pilot test with the curriculum in 23 second schools across the country.

The Process The refinement in the curriculum followed the Understanding by Style (UbD) unit developed by Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins.

Essential Content/ Objectives Overall performance (knowledge/skills) Understandings Standards Results/Outcomes Products/ Performances Assessment

Necessary Questions

Analysis Criteria/ Tools

Learning Plan

Learning Activities

Resources/ Supplies

The subjects design gets the following factors: Stage you A. Results/Desired Outcomes, which usually define what students should be able to know is to do at the end of the program, course, or unit of analyze; generally expressed in terms of general goals, and specifically described in terms of articles and performance requirements A. 1 ) Content specifications, which designate the essential expertise (includes the most important and enduring ideas, issues, principles and concepts through the disciplines), expertise and practices of head that should be educated and discovered. They answer the question, " What should students know and be able to carry out? ”

A. 2 . Functionality standards, which in turn express the degree or top quality of skills that learners are expected to show in relation to this article standards. They will answer the question, " How well must students do their job? ” or perhaps " For what degree of performance could the student end up being appropriately certified or accredited? ” M. Essential Understandings, which are the big and long lasting ideas in the middle of the self-control and which we want the kids to remember even long after they will leave university C. Necessary Questions, that are open-ended, provocative questions that spark considering and further query into the vital meanings and understandings Deb. Curriculum Goals, which are portrayed in terms of know-how and skills that professors can use while guide in formulating their own classroom goals Stage two A. Evaluation, which identifies acceptable evidence of student's achievement of preferred results; establishes authentic performance tasks...



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