An Intro to the Innovative Essay on this issue of Richard

An Launch to the Imaginative Essay on this issue of Richard

Richard was a normal looking child, he did most of the same things

that the other kids performed, hung out with good friends and talked his way to avoid it of

the occasional difficulty he got in, substantially like a large amount of guys his age. Richard

went to Dolton public senior high school and just about everybody knew him by brand.

He did a mediocre job and was frequently quite happy with getting good grades on

tests and paying no focus whatsoever to homework. Although everyone in

school thought they knew almost everything thing about the life span of Rich,

they where seriously mistaken. There was an essential aspect of Rich's

life that many people had no thought existed, because he was scared to tell

people thinking that they might not understand regardless if he did. What is

this mysterious characteristic you ask?, nearly every day when Rich

finished with the tyranny of university he went home to apply the main

ceremony to this "secret life." He'd get comfortable start the TV

or radio and be an instant celebrity all over the world. Ri ch was


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