An Analysis of The treating Manic Depression

An Analysis of The treating Manic Depression

The Treatment Of Manic Depression, OCCASIONALLY

The Treatment of Manic Depression, Nowadays and Then

The treatment of manic depression has altered over time. This essay

will compare the viewpoint and treatment of manic depression in the sixties, to the view and

treatment now. The mental disease of manic depression, and it's treatment and diagnosis,

will be explained and detailed.

Diagnosing manic depression is a hard process for doctors. In the sixties,

rarely were people treated, and even diagnosed for manic depression. It had been not until the

nineteen- seventies that Lithium, a disposition stabler for manics, was unveiled. Manic

depression was not easily detected. Just about all doctors attributed the dramatic feeling swings to

puberty or the state of adolescence. Mostly, the patient was informed to snap out of

it or given some type of an anti-depressant. Many persons began to self medicate in the

sixties with the various drugs which were floating around. There have been medications and

treatments, but none specifically aimed toward manic depression. The just about all common

medications were Thorazine, several tranquilizers, Meprobamate (Miltown), Librium,


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