A Assessment of the Similarities and Variations Between the Healing Methods of Greek and China

A Evaluation of the Similarities and Variations Between the Healing Methods of Greek and China

The art of restoration and the search for effective cures 's been around for centuries. For the Greeks and the Chinese imbalance was motivated to be the reason for illness, the Chinese centered on the cosmology of Yin and Yang as the Greeks focused on deciding what caused the illness and how exactly to combat the illness. Despite the fact that both cultures saw imbalance to be the reason for the condition, the Greeks and the Chinese had various ways of wanting to cure their sick. Imbalance had two numerous meanings for the Chinese imbalance handled Yin and Yang. Yang may be the male basic principle of light and existence, the day and the sun, durability and activity; Yin may be the female principle of darkness and death, the night time and the moon, weakness and passivity. (Andrea P.116) Yin and Yang handles every part of the world, even individuals have a mixture of Yin and Yang. Consequently, maintaining the harmonious stability of Yin and Yang that's special to each aspect of nature is vital for preserving its well-being and proper function. (Andrea P.116) With the Greeks, imbalance handled the four humors; bloodstream, phlegm, black bile


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